Friday, November 3, 2017

and the hamster wheel keeps on churning

hello lovelies....

here it is..the 3rd day of November. the year has just flown by fast and as usual the stupid keeps on going.

the Astros just won the world series in baseball. i think i'm the only one around my area that just doesn't give a shit lol.
all day at work yesterday, the phone would ring. people asking about the newspaper or t shirts, and if we were selling tickets to a game coming up.
when i would say no, it would be well why? when are you going to get it..
somehow me answering those questions still didn't appease the idiot factor and they would call back repeatedly throughout my shift.

back to the recovery after the huge ass flooding event that created such chaos.
we are still not back to normal, but for the most part it's okay.

our awesome landlord has yet to repair the damaged walls that were taken out, and i'm so tired of hearing the manager whine about random shit about the units.
if i go outside i get barrages of questions, and i've yet to tell her to fuck off, but it's coming soon i do believe.

i'm lucky to have union through my job, so they came out and filed a claim for some money assistance to see if i qualify for a small check to pay for the loss of clothing, even though i already got a little bit of help.
there she was asking my husband who that man was, and i had already told him to lie and say it was the city coming out to see the damage in our apt.
that went over well, but hey i had fun messing with her head for a few days before telling her the truth.

woman pulled up outside my apartment and asked me, while i was just sitting there, what the rent was for the apartments we live in, and i told her everyone has different rent prices. she kept asking me what the average amount was and when i told her to talk to the manager, she just stared at me and grunted.
it made me laugh, and then i just got up and walked into the apartment to hear her screaming at me what a bitch i was.
yeah honey i know i'm the queen and you're just shit beneath my feet, but whatever.

you know the feeling you get when some people start looking at you while walking up and you can't wait to hear what comes out of their mouth?
sometimes it's amusing and other times it's just agitating.

i have to follow procedures when i'm working and how dare i not bend the rules "just this once", do i not know who they are? they're a regular customer!

mmk and then???
call the manager to ask the same thing i just told them the answer for and what do you know?! they tell me the same thing. i repeat it again and then just stand there, saying nothing while they walk away with their head shaking.

i firmly believe you have to be completely heartless and dead inside to work with the public. these brainless twits come up with the craziest shit, and they actually believe what they're spewing out.
"that sign says it's this price! i know what i'm talking about i'm not stupid! you don't believe me? why are you asking someone to check the price i just told you what it is!"
nobody has ever made them: show their id for beer or cigarettes before (i call bullshit), nobody has ever made them pay "price" for that item (it's what the store has it priced at), nobody has done this, nobody has done that!! (what the fuck do you expect?)

man came to pick up money sent to him through a money service, the numbers are off on the account for said transaction. i tell him THREE times, it's not going to work. tell him he will have to get the person who set it up to call and get it fixed.
he leaves, and then the mother of all bitches calls about how we are screwing him over, and screams at me for what i can assume was three or four minutes. i try to explain to her what's going on and she's not having any of it. i finally got a gut full of the bullshit and hung up. turned around and stated out loud, nobody is going to talk to me that way i don't give a fuck how old you are or how retarded you are.
i had three customers just staring at me while that outburst occurred and i never apologized.
nobody reported me, but i did tell a manager that i hung up and why.

it seems like i spend more time shaking my head at stupid shit people say or do, than i want to. i just can't deal with the "where's your brain" anymore.
i have actually told people something isn't working or can't be done to make them go away when they make my head hurt.

figure this one out. valid = legally or officially acceptable
now picture this. girl shows her driver license for something that needs id verification and i have to refuse it based on the fact that it's expired by a year.
she blows up on me stating it's valid. i tell her it's not because it's expired.
she still insists that it's valid because it came from the state. 
i tell her again it's expired from the last year.
she keeps starting at it, then back at me and says it's still good. 
i tell her it's good to prove who she is, but i can't take it because it's expired by ONE YEAR!
she spent ten minutes asking everyone around her what that even meant.
the guy with her knew exactly what i meant and told her.
she just wouldn't listen.
they left and came back to use his information instead and when i accepted it she got pissed off and asked me why his was good enough and hers wasn't.
i never bothered to answer her because I WAS DONE!

guy came to get his auto tags renewed and only had a paper id. we don't accept those as valid identification. he proceeds to tell me how it's illegal to refuse his id just because it's paper. i keep explaining to him the policy for not accepting the paper id. finally got tired of explaining and just called the manager to let them decide what to do.
they let him do it. i was pissed off at the management for that because if i had taken that same type of id for a beer or cigarette purchase i would have been written up.
oh well,whatever.

i can completely understand now why George Carlin considered the human race to be so full of what the fuck is this shit?!
i've resorted to calling people planet monkeys now.

yeah i'm bitter, sue me.

i'm outta here! ciao!



Monday, September 4, 2017

disaster brings out the idiots

okay i just noticed it's been like forever since i posted a blog, mainly because I've been prioritizing my sanity aka depression kicked in like nobody's business.

let's start with the awesome fantastic adventure of what is known as Hurricane Harvey goes bipolar on Texas story.
from my job perspective:
three days before the storm even made landfall i was cracking jokes abut how people were so frantic about getting supplies that i was answering questions about water over and over.
biggest question for those three days "what's going on with the water, why isn't there more, you guys should have ordered extra knowing this was going to happen, etc"
finally stopped explaining it's about supply and demand and there's a lot of demand right now due to the situation going on.
here's where it gets to the line of okay i get you're going through hysteria into stupidland...
"what situation?"

one day before the storm comes in, our bread and eggs were getting low. people all tripping out on us over that. "why isn't there more deliveries coming in for this, we need it!"
nothing is going to be shipped out when a storm is about to make landfall, it's for safety reasons, just get what you can for now. "why? what's going on?!"

storm comes in, i can't go into work because it floods the streets and I'm stuck..
next day, the store is closed.

day one back at work, people are lined up at the door entrance, first thing out of their mouths is "omg where is the bread and eggs?" that's all we have for now. "why?"
then the milk starts going out. "when are you getting more of this stuff we need in?"
it will be awhile, our warehouses and trucks are kind of stuck in flood waters or behind them for now. "when will that be when they can finally get here?"
i have no idea. "why not?!"
i have to interject at this point that a lot of canned meat goods were wiped out and not many selections available. chips were pretty much gone except for the brands nobody wants lol. most of our store brand sodas were gone, with the exception of 2 liters.

day two back at work, people lined up at the door again, we are having to inform them upon entrance we are limiting what we have left per customer and they flip out. "why?"
"i don't understand why we can only buy a certain amount, i have children to feed, etc"
it's so other customers can have a chance to get what's left until it's gone.
"why?" "why don't you get deliveries made?""why did you let all this stuff run out?"
we have a huge demand right now on the necessary food items, warehouses are still recovering from the flooding, water is still flooded on the highways and they trucks can't get in to the stores.
"can't you get it from somewhere else?""why? what's going on?"

i got the pleasure of standing at the door when we closed on day two. customer walks up to me and says "i need rainchecks" on what item? "everything you're out of right now that i want" we won't honour any rainchecks right now. "why?" we're going through a state of emergency throughout the city. "what emergency would that be?" are you aware of what's been going on the past few days? " yeah it's been raining so what?!"
i had to call for a manager to come deal with her, flat out said "i have no capacity to deal with bullshit right now"
watched her blow up on him because he said the same thing i did for the same reason and she informed him that "I'm a regular customer i shop here every day"...yeah okay lady, good for you want a cookie?! 
people and their I'm a regular customer status..whoopty doo..most customers in general across the board are awesome, but that one percent can just piss you off in a new york minute.

day three back at work, no line at opening, customers still asking "wheres the eggs, milk, bread?" "why don't you have these things yet?""what's going on" same answers given over and over, warehouses dealing with huge demand, trucks still can't make it in, etc...
they're not happy, want to talk to a manager, "this is bullshit" "I'm going to take my business somewhere else if this is how you treat your customers"
what part of we just had a horrible flooding event of our lifetime do you ignorant monkey fucks not get? how can you not see what happened to the other areas around ours? yes most of our water went down on day one, some parts are still flooded, houses are finally getting wet, starting to mold crap out of their homes, and you want to piss and moan because omg we have limited bread and water when it shows up sporadically. still no eggs, a little bit of random soy and almond milk, produce is getting sparse.
my jokes are starting up about you know it's become real when the limit is two beer cans per day, because that supply is going out. made some people laugh, others just stood there at me like what? huh? i don't get it?!
geezus lighten up will ya? you're stressed, I'm becoming bipolar because of everything, whine whine whine whine...f-u-c-k- off!

day four i took a personal day off, had to for health reasons.
day five back at it again, finally started getting some items in. customers still complaining about lack of selection.
some squabbling about prices not being changed, new ad sales aren't being honoured.
having to explain why that is going on. they're mad.
yeah get over it crybaby.

day six, same old tired ass shit, finally starting to see things filling up. why aren't you lowering your prices like the other stores are? i have no idea contact our corporate office to complain about it. "what's that supposed to mean?" just what i said, call the corporate number and tell them what you're telling me.
i actually told one person I'm not bothering my manager to answer that question again when I've explained to why things are the way they are right now, just call corporate and make your complaint to them. 

yesterday, "why aren't the sales matching the ad?""i want a raincheck" we're not using the ad that came out in the mail..reason explained.."why?" i just told you why. "it's not fair" it's perfectly fair you get the prices from the last ad, new ad will come out next week. "i came here specifically to buy what's on the ad" you can still get the same prices from last week "i want to talk to your manager"
i can't give you a raincheck for those sales in the current ad because we aren't using that ad this week. "why not?" reason explained again over and over and over
once this supply and demand from the storm and emergency is over we'll resume the normal store ads again. "what emergency?" from the storm causing shelves to empty out and not having product because of warehouse flooding or highways keeping our trucks from coming in. "why?"

we ran out of propane, still waiting for that to finally get delivered. "why don't you have it?" reason explained.."but why?"
how about this, do it old school, make a campfire with sticks. "i can't do that" yeah i get it, not many people build fires anymore because using a grill is more efficient.
"no we use propane to bbq with"
yeah i know i just said that. "no you said grill, that's will charcoal"

we had to limit no cash back for almost a week..that was really fun. same explanation over and over. atm machines ran out of cash. "why is this atm not working?" what do you mean? "it doesn't give me any money" it's out. "why?"
the banks can't make a delivery for the service provider. "why?"
had to stop giving out change because it's limited for store usage only. "Why? i need to wash my clothes" i understand that but we only have it for the store right now. "why?"

while all this shit going on at work, I'm trying to get some resemblance of rest around long shifts and constant lines for a few days at work. had allergies kick in right before Harvey came on land. then all the rain started, i was worried about not being able to get to work or being stuck there. whether my apt would flood which it did but it came in another way.
 trying to make sure i had food to eat that would keep me sustained until supplies are back up and running. hoping that i won't get sicker where i would miss days.
general concern and worry about everything else going on around my city, people being rescued from high waters.
my empathy went on high overload, which is finally dying down.

these bits and pieces of the why why why, what's going on, really has me concerned about humanity as a whole.
how can you not go through something devastating like what we have gone through and still recovering from and not see the whole picture or at least some of it?
i gave up on trying to figure out it.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

i can't even....

this past week has been really rough at work. I've been called in to work extra hours to cover a shift that someone called off for, and/or the stupid schedule needs more people than they allowed for.

it doesn't help that I'm mad at the company over something petty,  and then find out that they want me to be trained all over for a position they shoved me into almost three months ago, and I'm not going to be doing that position anymore, but be put somewhere else and guess what? I'm still doing that same fucking job!
every day the same shit, and pulling twice the weight to make sure it's being done the way they want it.

put all that bullshit from a job along with an asshole or stupid customer together, and it's almost a doom combination each time.

to the man who stood at the self checkout lane for almost fifteen minutes not letting me help you, why are you talking to the machine as if it knew you were mad?! seriously..the human working right there was telling you she can help you, but noooo you got this!
it wasn't even comical. it was on the opposite side of what the fuck is wrong with this picture, but i let you stand there and make a complete fool of yourself before i come over, after you insist i make the "stupid thing" work right.

to the fucking princess who thinks she is above having to show an id for alcohol. yeah you! when i or anyone else working for a company that sells alcohol and/or tobacco asks you to see a form of identification, we just can't wait for you to let us know you don't have it..we really do. not!
you get pissy and insist you are old enough, then offer to show something else you know is not going to work, and then get oh so offended that you say something stupid to let me know how mad you are? i laughed AT you, and enjoyed hearing my manager explain to you the reason why you were asked for identification and it doesn't matter how old you are.
dumb ass

for the stupid thug wannabe all talking shit and acting tough outside my apartment over something stupid. i hope you seriously end up on the bad side of a real "gangsta" who shows you what it is to be someone's bitch and makes you like it.
you want to act a fool and show your ass at 9 pm at night yelling, you don't even live here. you're just company and you brought your fucking drama to my doorstep.
be very glad i didn't chose to step outside, i'm quite sure i would have just stared at you before you asked me what the fuck i want, and then reply with my thoughts.

this one goes to the complete fuck twit who blew up over his debit card not working right, and tells the manager she doesn't know everything and she doesn't need to be a manager if she doesn't know how to "fix" the problem, after i told her and him to try it at another register to make sure it isn't the card first, but he chose to stand there and hold up a checkout line for damn near 15 minutes.

amazing how these monkeys come into a business and expect the red carpet treatment, but react to rudely the minute anything goes wrong. the only thing these idiots are king or queen of is their bathroom toilet. seriously, get the fuck over yourselves.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

excuse you but i think i know what i'm doing here

some of these people that come into my job place are just full of them self.

case in point, yesterday i had a woman inform me that there was another customer that needed help and i just shook my head and said "this is where i walk away".
the fuck is wrong with her? we have an alert that notifies when someone needs help and they don't always speak up loud enough to get attention. it wasn't that she said it, it was how rude she spoke it out.
then gave me dirty looks while i finished doing my job putting up items for return back onto the shelves. smfh

a man comes to me for help with a balloon for grandma. we don't have the one he wants, and i can't give him the one on display, because it's not good anymore. i find something for him, but when he realizes that i can't just whip up a single rose arrangement for him he says forget it and walks off.
then i see him going into the floral area and I'm thinking wtf is he doing, so i walk over there and he says "oh you're back, i thought i was going to have to do this by myself",  then asks where the balloon is.
when i told him i didn't blow it up because he walked off, i swear i heard his eyeballs roll into his head, but that's on him. he should have said i still want it. not my fault people can't specify what the hell they want and then expect customer service people to read their mind.  frigging idiots

how about the bitch, that's exactly what she is with her attitude every time she comes in the store.
she wants to "inform me", that a customer behind her in the line couldn't figure out where to go for checking out, because the kids working weren't helping her find a register open. i know how many were open, three.  the lights were on and they were at their stations.
i just nodded and walked off because this woman loves to argue bullshit.
she did exactly what i thought she would do, and went to customer service and asked for a manager, then proceeds to report the cashier she was at for her purchase as being rude to her.
it pissed me off but i kept my mouth shut until she left, then told the manager what she had said to me, and that nobody was rude to her she was just being sensitive. explained her history of coming into the store and reporting employees over petty crap.

and then the day i lost my cool and snapped at a customer who was being a pushy sob.
i was busy working with customers at self checkout when he shoved a box of aspirins at me across a register bot and says ring me up.
i put them up at my station and continued to take care of the customer i was working with. he came back around to me after seeing another register open and says "i don't have my pills she has them" and then asks me where i put them.
it pissed me off at how he was acting so i shoved them at him and said "here you go thank you, have a nice day" then walked off to the customer. 
i said out loud "now get the fuck out of my face" and he heard it, then decided to confront me about how if i didn't like working with the public i should get another job.
being in the mood i was in, i responded dead eye to eye contact "I'm not going to argue with you". he couldn't leave it alone and kept on yelling at me. my next response " you can talk to a manager about it". he still kept spewing bullshit. my last response, i think he got the picture "we're through here, I'm done. you can leave now"
one of my coworkers asked if i was okay and i said i was fine, but i made sure to let a manager know exactly what happened.

to the man who was screaming at a coworker while i was in charge of the cashiers, the store sales are made for a reason, it provides you, the customer with a chance to buy something cheaper than normal. if you get something at a price you think is wrong it's okay to ask to check a price, but if you're told there's a stipulation where you have to buy more than one of that item to get it cheaper, don't stand there and go on about how long you've been a regular customer, how you're always getting screwed over by our competition, and now this store too. it's not her fault you're in a bad mood. 
i had to take charge, get a manager involved, send someone to check a price, and then help this fucking twat faced old man, yes he was older than me and I'm 51, get his pretty pretty princess discount because he was oh so being screwed over. fucking idiot

annnnnnnnnnnnd to every asshole who comes into the store at a certain time that you know there are always A LOT OF PEOPLE and you will more than likely be stuck in a que of at least 6 people in line, don't whine and bitch about it, then yell how we need more people checking. take your ass down the road and come back at another time or better yet, come earlier than that time frame.
it's real, it happens every day. and two people always get their way, and a register gets opened up so we can cater to their idiot way, so they will get out without having to wait in a line, boo hoo.
make me a manager, i'll be glad to tell them to please calm down or tell them to stop coming to my store.
you can't expect every day to be a short line day.
get the hell over it you yakshit three year old acting moron! 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

dealing with a mentally challenege adult who acts like a three year old

okay, by now, I'm quite sure you the reader, has established that I am a disgruntled adult who thinks humans are just stupid. I've taken into consideration that a small percentage of the human race has intelligent qualities, but what I've dealt with for years shows me that a neanderthal is much smarter.

so here goes....
first of all i got a small promotion at work, so now i supervise floors some days which means I'm in charge of the cashiers breaks, and helping with customer flow through our check out lanes.
I'm not a manager, but somehow that doesn't stop people from asking me questions i have no idea what to respond to, and when i refer them to management they get weirded out.
not my problem i look like i know what I'm doing.
it's a great mask ain't it *wink*

to the lady who literally showed your ass over coupons?! definitely showed me who was boss that day?! lol
we have policies in place that prevent coupon fraud, how dare i tell you that your fifteen perfectly copied replicas of one coupon aren't acceptable. other stores take them what's the problem?!
yeah, sorry, they're copies of a copy, that's fraud and we don't take them. i don't care who took them from you earlier today, or yesterday, or last week. I'm not taking them today and nobody else is going to either, because i will keep you from using them in our store today.
she was livid, demanded a manager, and then storms out the door with the exclamation "I'm never coming back!"
i told her, see you tomorrow, and then laughed, however my manager was not amused.

mister, hey i need this beer taken care of right now! excuse you but I'm waiting on a customer already, you can surely wait a few minutes for me to clear the id notice. but noooooooooooo you kept on bugging me so when i finally got to you, i carded you and guess what?! you didn't have any id on you..aww so sad. no beer for you!
no id, no sale! *big smirk as he walks away*
yeah fuck with me when I'm waiting on someone.
i sound like such a great customer service person don't i?

it's pretty much like this every day, but i keep on doing my job because i have rules to follow where i work, and I'm not losing a position because i didn't follow rules.

when i was sick earlier in the year, i had some woman screaming at me to cover my mouth, because nobody wanted to get sick. then she held up a cross at me and hissed. i informed her i was covering my mouth, and walked off. she just kept on yammering stupid words at me until i lost my cool, and told her to leave me alone, I'm not doing anything wrong to her or my job, that she needs to grow the hell up.
what i really wanted to do was slam her head into something to shut her up with that babbling mouth of hers, but i just wanted her to shut up.
a customer that was there, told her to leave me alone and go smoke some crack or something.
I've seen this woman twice since this incident, and to this day will not greet her, smile at her, tell her to have a nice day, nothing, zilch, nada. she can kiss my ass.

this last one should get you a good chuckle.
had a man buying beer with his two sons, nephews, what ever these young boys were to him.
i said dadgumit trying to scan one of his waters at the bottom of the cart, and the man asked me what i said. i repeated it and he tells me i have a potty mouth, and i need to wash my mouth out with fabulosa.
i looked at him and said why would i do that. he says you have a potty mouth, and i just stared at him and said okay. i really wanted to tell him what century does his brain exist in.
then he has to nerve to tell me to have a blessed day, and calls me potty mouth again.
i stared at him as we walked off, and said what a jackass.
don't know if he heard me, don't care, but really?!wtf is wrong with that whole scenario.

some people just piss me off, others i can just ignore, but sometimes i just want to say fuck you, rot in hell, eat shit or whatever else comes to mind. it's bad enough people already say i cuss at work.
i do, I'll admit it, but when they lie and say i did it to them. i make sure to stare them down when i see them again, because if you're gonna attempt to get me fired, you can deal with my stare.
I've even been confronted with what you staring for? mad because i got you in trouble? and i say nothing to them, which infuriates them because i won't say anything just stare.
that makes them complain that i was being rude.
yeah keep on talking shit about me with made up things that never happen. one day you learn a lesson.
that is fact :)

if i offer you help and you refuse it,that's fine, but don't expect me to run when you call for it, because i will take my time.
if you cuss me out or call me stupid, I'll leave your ass standing there with no assistance, and refuse to wait on you, but calling management or a floor supervisor to take over, because i won't be talked down to like a piece of shit on the bottom of some one's shoe.

you can call me a bitch or a cunt and I'll laugh. seriously i laugh because it's just so cute that someone made an attempt to make me mad, but now they have me laughing at them, which makes them madder.

had one man tell me i was stupid because i typed in his phone number wrong. i laughed, and he says did i say something funny. i looked at him and said i bet pretty much everything you say is funny.
his silence was priceless, because i shut him down by being a comedian. 

lesbians throwing their hands in my face because somehow i am checking out their girl. i stop, smile and say yeah she's pretty, but what I'm really wondering is why you feel threatened by a cashier doing their job, which means i scan your product, tell you how much it is, tell you to have a nice day, usually say hello how you doing at the beginning and then give you a receipt when you leave.

if i can make it through one day at work without some one's drama I'm doing good, usually have at least one a week. so i guess one day out of 7 isn't bad, but those other 6 days..just pffffffffffffft, please take your drama down the street and then cross in traffic.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

never ask the question "could they be any more stupid"

you and i both know that one question is an oxymoron, because, yes Virginia, they can always be more stupid and have proven so over and over again.

since last August, things at work have changed. i am now cashiering because of my breathing problem, and the steam and vapor from working in the deli was causing me issues.
any-who, little ole me gets a chance to be up front with the customers.
*insert big evil grin*

i swear to the gods and everything that is unholy, customers on a general scale of 1 to 10 are freaking stupid as all get out.
that includes me from time to time. yep i said it, even i am stupid when it comes to certain things.

summer time was kind of strange because of the influx of customers during the day hours, but once school started again, it was like a surge of stupid flooding the store around 4 pm all the way until 7 or 8 pm, Monday through Friday, with Saturday being full of stupid, and then on Sunday with the liquor law in effect where they can't buy beer until 12:01 pm, provides more stupid for the entertainment value.

customer one: male, probably in his mid 40's, shows up around 11:48 am on Sunday, with beer, and i have to inform him he will have to wait 13 more minutes to make the purchase.
he glints at me, grunts, then says okay I'll stand here and just wait.
never moved out of the way for other customers, he stood there waiting for it to hit 12:01 pm and then cut line to get his beer.
he decides to tell me how stupid it is he has to wait to buy his beer and i say to contact his congressman and complain about it. 
all i want is this fuckwaffle out of my line because he's pissed me off with his whining about having to wait, then cuts line (one of my pet peeves).

customer two: female, looks about a thousand years old because she's pickled as hell from all the drinking, you can smell the alcohol reeking off her. gives me attitude because i didn't ask for her customer card with her precious 89 cent purchase, keeps talking shit to me, then stares me down all the way out the door. which made me crack up laughing.
what person in their right mind, throws a hissy fit over a purchase that costs less than $1?
she's been in the store since then a few times and i just stare at her when she comes through my line, make sure to ask for her customer card, then explicitly state how much everything is at the end of checkout time. she's a food stamp user, not that it's a bad thing but some of these idiots that have them think they're the motherfucking princess and should be treated as so. *eyeroll*

thanksgiving was so much fun let me tell you. everybody just had to make sure they got their special pricing for the turkey and hams which i always check when i know are on sale, but some of the customers would hold up a line to make me stop and make sure "I" got it right, then throw a fit because it rang up different, and when i send out for price check throw another fit how they don't have time for this and i should just change it for them.
me standing there just staring at them and smiling while waiting, and they're snarling, which makes me laugh at the childish behaviour, but deep inside my head I'm stabbing them ^_^

see what being around humans does to me? it makes me want to smash them when they get arrogant, stupid, etc.

one jehovah's witness knocked on my door a week before thanksgiving, i opened the door and said no thank you, leave now before i come back outside with my broom.
i watched through the window as the idiot stood there just staring.
i was tempted to open the door and start swinging but it was more fun to watch him stand there in confusion.

every day i work there is always someone who has to inform me of their god's infinite love, bless me, bless my day and all i want to do is say fuck your god, mine is so much kewler and at least when i look into the sky i can see him for a portion of the day.

yeah I'm rambling, i should just stop here while I'm on an even keel. I'll try to update again before valentines day.
blah blah and all that jazz.
customers are stupid!
people are stupid!
okay not everybody but a large percentage are..
so yeah ciao!

Monday, August 8, 2016

and there it is....

and there it is as promised...the stupid has not left the building.
excuse me while i shake my head in amazement that they just keep continuing to irk me and/or amuse me with their antics.

okay so let's see where to begin.
first you should know i changed positions to a cashier so now i get to work with the public full exciting! omg...........*dies*

the hardest thing for the past week has been learning codes for produce because there are so many items. i got lucky enough to have a smart ass inform me it's my job to know what kind of peppers they have. doesn't mean that they picked it out personally and they don't know what they fucking picked out, it's up to me to know it. *buzzer* wrong answer, help a sister out dumb ass it's not that hard to say what it is unless you just absentmindedly picked up produce and put it in your basket and tralalaled your way to my checkout.

if you know you need a few more items don't wait until I've rang you up, then decide you need to run and get something, it holds up the line. that's supposed to be okay because they're someone special right? short bus special maybe but it doesn't excuse you from holding up the damn line. that's been a peeve of mine for years so just because i started checking doesn't mean it's a new found irritant, it just means you should pay more attention or get it later. yeah just GET IT LATER AND MOVE ON!

when your card is declined don't ask me why, how the fuck should i know? it's either an error or you don't have that much money on the account. it's not because you're not white, or using food stamps, or whatever other idiocy you can babble out your head for the reason. leave me out of your childish temper tantrum and call your fucking account 800 number..geezus on a cracker will people ever learn you can't blame someone for that kind of shit?!

i gotta admit this next one had me imagining an octopus wrapping all it's tentacles around this man's head while he informed me that it was the express lane and people are waiting. no shit?! like i don't know this is the express lane. what i told him is "express doesn't always mean express" when what i should have said "are you ever nice instead of being an ass hat". I've dealt with this man at fuel, deli and now my checkout and he's always rude.
i hope he chokes on his saliva soon before it drools all the way down his legs into his sneakers. *insert flip off here*

oh and excuse me for paying attention to some items that has a rip or broken item in it and wanting you to get something not ruined for your money. it's taking up your precious time. what the fuck ever just get outta my face already!

yes folks i'm that kind of person. i'm nice to you when i see you, will say hello and thank you but if you show me an attitude i want to wrap your neck with a cord the size of a slinky and attach it to an 18 wheeler barreling down the freeway. *angelic grin* ok so not angelic *big evil grin*

not a people person and damn sure not a people pleaser and i think that qualifies me for customer service, don't you? *wink*